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Statue of Angel Headstone


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        Oklahoma Paranormal Association

Oklahoma Paranormal Association started when two paranormal team founders decided to join together and form an alliance to help inform and teach people interested in the paranormal. Our goal is to inform, teach and train people in proper investigation techniques. We offer people the chance to join us on haunted locations we are allowed to visit, hold the equipment themselves and be able to  develop investigative techniques to locate ghosts and other paranormal entities. We also teach you how to research your locations, obtain proper legal paperwork, and review evidence.  

OPA also does private investigations for anyone who may be experiencing paranormal activity in their home or business. If you have seen or heard what most call ghosts at your business or resident and need us to privately investigate your location, we are glad to help you. We never charge for services.  Investigations for private residence or businesses seeking help of OPA will only be conducted by our experienced team and is not open to the general public. All information and evidence also remains private. 

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