Oct. 18, 2017

     OPA had two successful investigations this past weekend!  Each night, we got evidence not previously experienced at those locations.  This upcoming weekend there are no investigations, but we will hit it hard again next week! 

     Paracon planning is coming right along!  The t-shirts have been finalized and we hope to have samples soon to show you exactly what they look like.  We now also have OPA decals for sale.  Buy several to put on your vehicles, computer, or wherever you want!  We will also have water bottles and other goodies available for purchase at all upcoming events.  

     Get your Paracon tickets before they are sold out!!  If you want to stay at the hotel, please see the info on the Paracon page and make your reservation.  

     Reach out via Facebook if you have any questions.


Oct. 11, 2017

     Fall weather, fall colors, and fall busyness are upon us!  Paracon-OKC 2017 is coming right along.  Our speakers are outstanding and we have some fantastic vendors scheduled.  If you haven't purchased your tickets, please do so soon (quantities are limited). You really don't want to miss out!!

     Investigations, both public and private, have kept us quite busy lately.  If you are in need of a private investigation, we promise to get with you after Paracon.  Recent investigations have given us some very interesting experiences, such as having equipment do things it's never done before.  We frequently get asked if anything ever follows us home, and the answer is usually "no" because we take precautions against that, however, sometimes, they do!  It happened this weekend, when we spent the night as a team in a haunted house.  Two of us were unable to sleep due to rattling door knobs and heavy footsteps.  It was an exhausting weekend and I apparently caught a cold, too.  However, my sweet hubby let me know I did not come home alone.  He heard tapping, knocking, footsteps, voices, movement, and was bumped into (enough to move his shirt).  This is just one reason we warn to never "investigate" on your own.  Please leave it to trained professionals.  My hubby and I were prepared for this eventuality and have taken care of the matter.   

     Today, Tanya filmed some spots for Fox25 to air today, tomorrow, and next week.  Mitch English and his amazing videographer Anthony, did a great job and had a lot of fun with us and our equipment.  We have two upcoming investigations at the Overholser Mansion that will raise funds for preservation of that historic home.  All monies collected stay at the Overholser!  Funds are desperately needed...recent rains damaged the roof and part of the home's interior.  Please contact the Overholser for tickets for Oct 14th or 28th.

     I got to meet some great people today as we were out promoting Paracon.  I encourage everyone to visit Stone Sisters Pizza Bar and Craig's Curious Emporium.  

     Well, it's late.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me or message this page. Good night, all.