If you have ever wanted to investigate actual haunted locations and use actual ghost hunting equipment, join us for these investigations. Owners of various locations give Oklahoma Paranormal Association permission to allow guests to join us for these events. Book your spot as quick as possible on our Meetup website. You will have a blast!




  • 6th: Investigation at the Old TB hospital in Arkansas. This legendary five story building is amazing! We plan to investigate almost every floor we can possibly reach! Past activity has included several shadows, several EVP recordings, creepers and other entities. Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee it will be active, this place has proven itself on every visit we've been there. 
  • 20th: Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City: Come investigate an incredible, historical mansion of one of Oklahoma City's original families. See if the Stableboy, Mrs. Overholser or other historical people are active. 
  • 27TH: WWII Submarine, USS Batfish in Muskogee. Ever visited a submarine? Do you like military history? This is the place to see! Come investigate and see if the soldiers respond.


  • 3rd: Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City: ​This beautiful, Victorian house is so amazing, you will want to investigate it with us often! Tour this place with us and see if Mrs. Overholser, the Stablehand or other people communicate to us.





important information

*Although we do not guarantee you will experience them, OPA has investigated these locations a number of times before and consider these places safe for adults. These tours are not allowed for anyone under 14. Ages 14 through 18 must be supervised by their parent or guardian. If you have never investigated with us before, there will be an hour orientation before we start the event. 

​****we must have a min. of 5 attendees to do an investigation.  If we do not have enough people to join in on the fun then we will reschedule to the next available date*******





Please make sure to wear close toed shoes and warm clothes for the winter.  Some of the historical buildings get very cold.  Also be sure to bring a flash light.  We may or may not have any for purchase should you forget one. You are welcome to bring your camera, recorders, or any other equipment you might have for investigating.  For our first timers we will do a quick class at the beginning to go over the rules and regs as well as procedures.  You will be taught how to conduct a paranormal investigation and shown how to operate the equipment.  You will get hands on with the equipment we use when we do a paranormal investigation.  You must be 16 years or older unless approved before hand.  Anyone under the age of 16 must have a guardian or parent with them.  Everyone must sign a legal waiver upon entering ANY investigation site.  If you have any questions please feel free to call our business number 405-474-5133.  

 please join our meetup group!  It's free to join and you can see all of our upcoming events!


Please bring a copy of your email conf., groupon, or living social  or please be able to show proof on your phone